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Slušalice + mikrofon JBL Endurance Run BT4.1, In-ear, bežične, crne

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    A pleasant wearing feeling and a secure fit at all times
    The result counts: And if you have the perfect headphones, there's nothing between you and your workout. Through the wireless streaming the JBL Endurance RUNBT gives you the necessary motivation to go to your limits with powerful JBL sound. The FlipHook™ design lets you choose whether you want to wear the headphones in or behind your ear. The comfortable combination of FlexSoft™ ear plugs and Twistlock™ technology ensures that these headphones do not cause pain or fall out. Thanks to the sweat-proof IPX5 classification, the JBL Endurance RUNBT headphones are easy to take with you. Sweat-wicking heat or rain are no longer a reason not to exercise. In addition to a playback time of six hours, the JBL Endurance RUNBT has an integrated microphone and a remote control for hands-free volume control and call acceptance. Thanks to the magnetic ear plugs your Endurance RUNBT remains reliably on your neck, when you do not need it. Enjoy your workout!

    The flexible double design allows you to wear the headphones in or behind your ears.

    Pleasant wearing feel No falling out.
    The Twistlock™ and FlexSoft™ technologies make these headphones lightweight and ergonomic to ensure a secure fit and stability during any workout.

    Designed to survive your training program indoors or outdoors in any weather.

    Wireless playback time of six hours
    Bluetooth® allows you to stream high-quality music without worrying about annoying cable clutter while you train.

    Hands-free calling
    The built-in one-button remote with microphone allows you to make phone calls without using your hands, so you can concentrate on your workout. Pressing the button twice activates Google Now or Siri.

    Magnetic ear plugs
    Magnetic ear plugs provide for an easy handling of the cable when the headphones are not used.

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