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Router SYNOLOGY RT1900ac, Wi-Fi

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  • Opis
    - Synology Router Manager (SRM) 1.1 is the operating system that powers the Synology Router RT1900ac
    - With the friendly interface, it makes managing your network and Wi-Fi settings super simple, while delivering robust tools for power users and professionals

    - Install the DS router on your Android or iOS device and conveniently manage settings on Synology Router RT1900ac from the palm of your hand
    - DS router delivers robust tools and options, such as easy installation, wireless network management, real-time traffic monitoring and controls, as well as much more

    Hardware Specifications
    - CPU: Dual core 1.0 GHz
    - Memory: 256 MB DDR3
    - Antenna type: 3× 3 MIMO Omni-directional high-gain dipole (2.4GHz / 5GHz)
    - LAN port: 4× Gigabit (RJ-45)
    - WAN port: 1× Gigabit (RJ-45)
    - External Ports:
    * 1× USB 3.0 (5V, 1.5A power output)
    * 1× SD card reader (SDXC, SDHC)
    - Button and switch: WPS, USB/SD eject, Power, Reset, Wi-Fi On/Off
    - Size (H×W×D): 66×206×160 mm (without antenna)
    - Weight: 0.51 kg
    - AC Input Power Voltage: 100V to 240V AC
    - Power Frequency: 50/60 Hz, Single Phase
    - Power Consumption:
    * 10.82 W (Access)
    * 7.45 W (Idle)
    - Operating Temperature: 5C to 40C (40F to 104F)
    - Storage Temperature: -20C to 60C (-5F to 140F)
    - Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% RH
    - Certification: FCC Class B, CE Class B, BSMI Class B
    - Wi-Fi Certification: CE, FCC, NCC, RCM, iDA, SRRC

    - IEEE 802.11ac:
    * IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    * Simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi
    * 2.4GHz: 600Mbps (256-QAM supported)
    * 5GHz: 1300Mbps
    - Beamforming: Yes
    - Schedulable Wi-Fi: Yes
    - WPS 2.0 (Wi-Fi Protected Setup 2.0): Yes
    - 3G/4G mobile dongle support (Learn more): Yes
    - max. MAC filters: 64
    - max. connected devices: 70

    - Internet connection: Dynamic IP, Static IP, PPPoE
    - Port forwarding: Setup via manual management or UPnP
    - max. port forwarding rules: 64
    - max. UPnP rules: 64
    - Port triggering: Yes
    - max. port triggering rules: 32
    - min. port triggering timeout: 30s
    - max. port triggering timeout: 3600s
    - DMZ: Yes
    - IPv6: IPv6 DHCP server/client, IPv6 tunneling
    - DHCP: Server/client mode, client list, MAC address reservation
    - max. DHCP reservations: 500
    - LAN/WLAN IGMP snooping: Yes
    - VPN:
    * VPN server/client (PPTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec)
    * VPN pass-through (PPTP, IPSec, L2TP)
    - Policy route, Static route, Network Address Translation (NAT), PPPoE relay: Yes
    - max. IPv4 static routes: 100
    - max. IPv6 static routes: 100
    - Diagnosis tools: Ping, Traceroute

    - Operating system: Synology Router Manager (SRM)
    - Free OS upgrade: Yes
    - Anywhere access to SRM: Synology QuickConnect & Dynamic DNS (DDNS)
    - Operation modes: Wireless Router, Wireless AP, Wireless Client
    - Wake on LAN (WOL): Yes
    - WOL over QuickConnect: Yes
    - max. connected devices: 100
    - Notification: Email, SMS, push service (via DS router)
    - SSH: Yes
    - SNMP: Yes
    - Configuration backup & restore: Yes
    - User account management: Yes
    - Printer server: max. printer: 1

    Parental Control
    - Customized Internet schedule DNS-based web-filter with built-in database Customized allow/block list: Setup by single / multiple devices
    - Default policy: Yes
    - max. devices: 50
    - max. blocked URLs: 100
    - max. allowed URLs: 100

    Traffic Control
    - Internet ban, device speed & priority: Yes
    - Application layer (L7) quality of service (QoS): Yes
    - max. device rules: 64
    - max. application rules per device: 32
    - Traffic Monitor: Yes
    - Live view: Yes
    - Historical statistics: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual
    - Website history: Yes
    - Traffic Report: Yes
    - Schedulable: Yes
    - Traffic analysis period: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annual
    - Export formats: .CSV, .HTML

    - Wi-Fi encryption: WEP, WPA/WPA2-Personal, WPA/WPA2-Enterprise
    - Wi-Fi MAC address filter: Yes
    - Firewall/SPI Firewall: Yes
    - DoS Protection: Yes
    - Auto block: Yes
    - SSL certificate: Yes
    - Security Advisor: Yes
    - Mobile App: Yes
    - DS cloud (Android/iOS): Yes
    - DS get (Android/iOS): Yes
    - DS file (Android/iOS): Yes
    - DS router (Android/iOS:
    * Network traffic overview
    * Wi-Fi management
    * Parental Control
    * Traffic Control
    * Network security (firewall, port forwarding, Internet ban)
    * Wake on LAN
    - VPN Plus (Android/iOS): Yes

    USB/SD Card File Service
    - File System: EXT4, FAT, NTFS, HFS+
    - Access support:
    * File explorer (via LAN only)
    * Web browsers: Chrome™, Firefox®, Internet Explorer®: 8 onwards, Safari® 7 onwards, Safari (iOS® 7 onwards on iPad®), Chrome (Android 4.0 onwards on tablets)
    * Mobile device: DS file
    - Protocol support: Windows file service (CIFS), Mac file service (AFP), FTP/FTPS, WebDAV
    - Apple Time Machine: Yes
    - Shared Folder privileges: Yes
    - Storage hibernatio: Yes

    Package Center
    - Cloud Station Server: Sync data from multiple platforms, centralizing it on the router while easily keeping historical versions of important files.
    - max. Concurrent File Transfers: 64
    * Note: Cloud Station ShareSync is not supported
    - DNS Server: Helps users find and translate domain names into IP addresses
    - Download Station: Supported download protocols: BT/HTTP/FTP/NZB/eMule
    - max. concurrent download tasks: 50
    - max. concurrent BT download tasks: 20
    - Media Server (DLNA/UPnP):
    * Media indexin
    * DLNA certified
    * PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/Xbox One supported
    - RADIUS Server: Provides centralized authentication, authorization, and accounting for wireless network access
    - VPN Plus Server: Easily create and manage secure VPN access through a web browser or client. Supports various VPN services - WebVPN, SSL VPN, SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec, and PPTP
    - max. Connections: 10
    - Site-to-Site VPN (Beta): Yes
    - Intrusion Prevention (Beta): Greatly enhance the security of your router with IDS and IPS systems, designed to safeguard your network against internet threats
    - Intrusion Detection System (IDS): Yes
    - Intrusion Prevention System (IPS): Yes

    Environment & Packaging
    - Environment: RoHS Compliant
    - Packaging Content:
    * Main Unit
    * 3× Antenna
    * Stand Kit
    * AC Power Adapter
    * RJ-45 LAN Cable
    * Welcome Note
  • Tehničke specifikacije
    Tip routera/modema (R) ADSL/CABLE/WiFi
    WiFi (R) da
    SIM opcija (R) -
    Broj mrežnih priključaka (R) 5
    Brzina LAN priključka (R) Gigabit ethernet (10/100/1000)
    Brzina WAN priključka (R) Gigabit ethernet (10/100/1000)
    Broj WAN priključaka (R) 1
    WiFi standard (R) 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
    WAN protokol (T) PPPoE, static IP, dynamic IP, PPTP and L2TP
    WiFi frekvencija (R) 2.4 GHz i 5 GHz
    WiFi enkripcija (T) WPA2,WPA,WEP
    Broj antena (R) 3
    Firewall (R) da
    Priključak(ci) 1 x USB 3.0, SD card
    Broj Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) priključaka 4 (LAN) + 1 (WAN)
    Brzina prijenosa podataka bežične mreže (max) 2.4/5GHz, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
    Brzina prijenosa podataka 10/100/1000
    Sučelje 1x USB 3.0, 1x SD card reader

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