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Tipkovnica CHERRY G84-5200 Compact, USB, crna (G84-5200LCMEU-2)

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Jamstvo: 36 mj.

  • Opis
    - Small, flat and extremely robust
    - The compact keyboard "XS Complete" (G84-5200) offers a full keyboard layout complete with number block and is ideal for all applications with limited space and requiring frequent number entries

    - Complete layout with numeric keypad. Ideal for applications requiring the frequent input of figures
    - High degree of reliability and precise keystroke feel thanks to individual keys with Gold Crosspoint contacts (CHERRY ML technology)
    - Ideal for continuous usage due to the long operating life in excess of 20 million key confirmations per individual key
    - Compact dimensions and very low overall build height, ideal for restricted spaces and for 19' applications
    - Standardised measurements and installation dimensions of the complete XS product family - the keyboard can be adapted to every application-
    - Lightweight - for applications where every gram counts
    -Plug & Play - can be used with the operating system's standard drivers
    - Supports Code Set 3 and UnifiedPOS
    - Fastening option for permanent installation
    - Detachable pluggable feet for individually adjusting the tilt of the keyboard
    - Freely programmable keys for even more time-saving operation

    - Key technology: ML
    - Service life, standard key: > 20 million key operations
    - Operation characteristics: ML Pressure point (50cN)
    - Inscription technology: Laser
    - Inscription layout: Standard
    - Number of Keys: Product dependant, see table
    - Reliability: MTBF > 11.4 mill. hours
    - Interface: USB (PS/2 via adapter)
    - Cable length: approx. 2.50 m
    - Operating temperature: 0C to 60C
    - Storage temperature: -20C to 60C
    - Dimensions: approx. 374×139×18 mm
    - Weight: approx. 550 g
  • Tehničke specifikacije
    Vrsta tipkovnice (R) membranska
    Model prekidača (R) Cherry MX
    Jezik (R) HR
    Sučelje - periferija (R) USB 3.0
    Tehnologija povezivanja (R) žičana

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