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Šifra proizvoda: 123919

Tipkovnica + miš CHERRY DW-5100 b, bežična, crna (JD-0520EU-2)

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Jamstvo: 36 mj.

  • Opis
    - Quality and ergonomics at the workplace
    - Durable, ergonomic and flexible are the terms that describe our desktop set, the CHERRY DW 5100
    - Every feature of this multi-user-capable desktop set is impressive
    - Due to extremely economical power consumption, battery lifetimes of up to 2 years for mouse and keyboard are possible
    - The keyboard with abrasion-resistant laser marking has ten practical additional keys for office and multimedia applications
    - Thanks to its ergonomic shape, the 6-button mouse is perfect for right-handed users
    - You can navigate your cursor precisely and quickly with a resolution that can be adjusted in 2 stages
    - A non-slip rubber application on the side provides the right grip
    - The compact design of the nano USB receiver does not disturb the user and can be left in the notebook
    - This means that desktop set is perfect in every respect for daily use and ideal for professional workstations

    - Robust office keyboard with 10 practical additional keys
    - 6-button mouse with an optical sensor and adjustable resolution (1.000/1.750 dpi)
    - Battery life up to 2 years
    - On/off switch in the mouse for additional energy saving
    - Wireless 2.4 GHz technology (range of up to 10 meters)
    - Abrasion-proof laser key cap lettering
    - Battery status display in keyboard and mouse

    - Key technology: LPK
    - Service life, standard key: > 10 million key operations
    - Inscription technology: Laser
    - Interface: USB
    - Type: Wireless 2.4 GHz
    - Frequency range: 2.400 GHz - 2.4835 GHz
    - Transmission range: approx. 10 m
    - Operating temperature: 0C to 40C
    - Storage temperature: -20C to 60C
    - Dimensions: 468×171×22 mm
    - Weight: approx. 800 g (with battery)

    - Scanning: Infrared
    - Resolution: 1000 / 1750 dpi (adjustable)
    - Number of Keys: 6
    - Mouse wheel design: Scroll wheel with key function
    - Design: Ergonomic, Right-handed design
    - Connection: USB
    - Interface: USB
    - Type: Wireless 2.4 GHz
    - Frequency range: 2.400 GHz - 2.4835 GHz
    - Transmission range: approx. 10 m
    - Dimensions: 106×68×39 mm
    - Weight: approx. 125 g (with battery)
    - Battery type: AAA
  • Tehničke specifikacije
    Vrsta tipkovnice (R) membranska
    Model prekidača (R) Cherry MX

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